Think You're Safe Using Voice-to-Text While Driving? Study Says No

car accident lawyers in raleighVoice-to-text services grew in popularity as a safer and legal alternative for drivers who know the dangers of texting while driving and who comply with North Carolina's no-texting-while-driving law. However, a study from the Texas Transportation Institute shows that drivers who use voice-to-text services while driving are at the same risk as if they were texting by hand. Both traditional texting and voice-to-text methods:

  • Delay driver response times
  • Limited driver's attention on the road

Voice-to-text services caused added distraction time due to transcription errors that drivers spent time correcting, which further took their eyes and mental focus from the road. Any type of texting or use of a digital device while driving impairs a driver's ability to drive safely. Reaction times, observing potential hazards, and maintaining a safe distance and speed are compromised when a driver uses a cell phone while driving.

Texting while driving accidents in North Carolina make up 28% of all car accidents. If you have been injured in a North Carolina car accident and have missed work, racked up high medical bills, suffered head or neck injuries, you might want to settle your case quickly. Insurance companies notoriously offer settlements for much less than accident victims deserve. Victims might be inclined to settle quickly, but they lose out on what they are entitled to. There are aggressive negotiating strategies available that help victims settle their injury claim without a trial, and our car accident lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn have a dedicated settlement negotiator on staff.

Every accident is unique. Every victim has rights. Our car accident lawyers in Raleigh know how insurance companies work and help victims understand their rights under federal and North Carolina law. When necessary, our trial lawyers are prepared to fight in court on behalf of accident victims. Raleigh car accident lawyer Brent Adams wrote a book, available at no cost here for anyone injured in a North Carolina car accident, that helps victims understand common injury claim challenges. 

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