You have the right to decide which body shop will repair your vehicle.

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            When a motor vehicle is damaged in a collision chances are there will be insurance available to pay for the damage to the car.  This insurance will usually be provided by the negligent driver who caused the collision.  If you have collision insurance on your own policy, that insurance will pay for repairs to the car regardless of who is at fault. 

            Regardless of the type of insurance which is liable for payment for the repair of the car, the insurance company will, in most cases, try to get the owner of the car to have the car repaired at their "blue ribbon" shops.  The insurance companies do not actually own these body shops. However these "blue ribbon" shops are shops with which insurance companies have special relationships. 

            The question sometimes arises about whether the insurance company can force a claimant to have their car repaired at any certain "blue ribbon shop" or special body shops, by whatever name they are called.

            The answer is, the owner of the car can have his or her car repaired at which ever body shop they choose. In fact, the owner of the car does not have to have the car repaired at all provided that the car is safe to drive upon the public highways. There is a specific North Carolina statute which makes it a violation of law for an insurance company to require a clamant, as a condition of payment,  to have the vehical repaired at any spacific repair shop.

           Many car owners had rather tolerate driving around in a car with minor damage and put the money the insurance company owes for the repair in their pocket. The car owner, not the insurance company, gets to decide whether to have the car repaired.

             The insurance company is liable to pay all the damage done to a vehicle in a collision regardless of whether the owner of the vehicle decides to have his car repaired.

              Don't let an insurance company try to tell you where you must have your car repaired.  That decision is yours and yours alone.





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