What is yet to come for cars? The Wall Street Journal Projects that you won't own one. 

With all the changes cars are making, they will soon become something unrecognizable. The way we purchase cars is likely to change. Instead of buying, people will most likely be renting vehicles. Most cars will likely not need a driver, they will be able to drive themselves.

Ride sharing and self-driving cars are already sweeping the market. It's only a matter of time before ride sharing and self-driving vehicles become more and more common.

Companies are attempting to try a "subscription" type deal where people can try out new cars for fun or switch out cars depending on where they're going and how many people they're carrying. 

Ownership, although it has always been thought of as a luxury, may become obsolete.

Aarjav Trivedi, the chief executive of Ridecell, a company based in San Francisco that creates back-end software for car sharing made this statement: "By 2022, 2023, the majority of transportation in urban cities with temperate weather will be on demand, shared and likely autonomous."

Telsa is tentatively planning to create a way for electric car owners to rent out their self-driving cars to people and make money.

However, the biggest obstacle will be for people to overcome the idea of not owning their own car. They also have to accept that they might not be driving in the future. Cars will be driving for us. 

Self-driving and car sharing has been around for the past few years. This projected future may be closer than we think. 

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