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The Dangers of Fluoride

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For years, cities have put fluoride in their drinking water because they were told fluoride would prevent cavities without harming anyone. But thanks to new research, we now know water that contains fluoride is dangerous.

            The “fluoride” added to our water is not pure fluoride. It is actually hexafluorosilicic acid or silicofluorides, which is a toxic waste product collected from the smokestack crumbles of phosphate fertilizer. So the fluoride deposited into our water systems is not naturally occurring fluoride, it is actually a composition of harmful chemicals.

            Dr. Hardy Limeback, the head of preventive dentistry at the University of Toronto, states, “I find it absurd that industrial toxic waste is shipped to the water treatment plants in large tanker trucks and trickled into the drinking water of major cities in North America… if a major spill should occur… people’s lives would be at stake.”

            Even in small doses, fluorosilic acid is toxic and could cause several problems. Within the last few decades, studies have proved this theory to be true. Twenty-three studies show a link between fluoride exposure and lower IQs in children. One study was performed by the Center for Endemic Disease Control in China did a study that each milligram of fluoride found in a child’s urine was connected to a .59 point decrease in their IQ score. The average loss in IQ for most children was reported to be seven points.

            Two Indian experts later studied the research conducted by the CWDM and the follow-up research. They also found that fluoride was very dangerous.

            They reported, “Fluoride is a neurotoxin and it makes a serious adverse impact on the developing brain. Impaired mental functions are observed among children in endemic fluorosis areas and in experimental animals with fluoride-induced neurotoxicity.”

            But lowering IQs is not the only damage fluoride can create for people. The U.S. National Research Council released several documents discussing other health problems linked to fluoride. Fluoride can cause damage to organ systems, a thyroid and endocrine dysfunction, enamel fluorosis, increase the risk of bone fractures, as well as increase the risk of osteosarcoma, and bone cancer.

            Even though fluoride is dangerous, it is still put in several water systems across the country. But there is a way to protect yourself from drinking fluoride. You can purchase water filters that will filter out fluoride. Only certain types of filters that will perform this task and those filters are as follows: reverse osmosis filter, deionizers filter, and activated alumina filter. You can find these water filters for sale online.

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