Texting While Walking Accidents Most Common Under Age 25

texting while walkingTexting while walking may not sound as dangerous as texting while driving, however a growing number of pedestrian accidents in North Carolina and around the country are a result of distracted cell phone use.

Although it has been around for over a decade, the University of North Carolina started a pedestrian safety awareness program called "Yield to Heels" in 2001. Officials are in talks about a statewide program to help drivers pay more attention to pedestrians not paying attention to where they are walking. Pedestrians at risk for cell-phone related accidents are typically between the ages of 16 and 25, according to new studies reported in USA Today.

Individuals who use a cell phone while walking may miss out on important traffic signals, not see oncoming cars, or not be aware of debris or hazards. Pedestrian-car collisions or trip-and-fall accidents can be equally devastating. Fractured bones, damaged organs, and head trauma are possible and these injuries can have a long recovery process or cause permanent lifestyle changes.

As cell phones are acquired by children at increasingly younger ages, it is likely the number of pedestrian accident victims will grow as children's cognitive abilities and attention spans are far less advanced than a young adult's.

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