Tech Detects Brain Injuries in Sports

brain injury detectionA signficiant problem associated with brain injuries is that individuals may not realize they have one. Sports players who are dedicated to a game or wrapped up in the excitement of their sport may not realize the severity of brain trauma.

A new piece of technology proposed by a startup would allow athletes to discreetly wear a small detector in a headband. Created by Blackbox Biometrics, a startup in the Northeast, Linx AIS is a small device being promoted for both sport and military purposes. The detector can measure any brain trauma received and alert coaches and family members the moment a brain injury occurs.

Athletes have a greater responsibilty than the average person to monitor brain health. Although a single injury can cause life-long problems, reports consistently show that repeated head trauma causes unique complications.

If you or your family member is a sports player, our brain injury lawyers in Cary outlined another technological innovation in sports helmets: These helmet prototypes rely on magnets to reduce the impact of head trauma.

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