Lawsuit for Collapsed Apartment Floor

landlord liability north carolinaThe trial involving an apartment floor that collapsed is scheduled to begin November 10. (This case occurred outside of North Carolina.)

The suit was filed in May 2006 by an apartment resident who claims she was injured when her leg went through a section of her apartment’s floor. The suit names the operator of the apartment as the defendant.

The resident alleges negligence on the part of the apartment operator for allowing her apartment’s floor to deteriorate to the point in which it became a hazard, despite being advised of a problem with the floor. She also alleges that the operator failed to perform repair work on the floor after being advised that work was necessary and failed to provide her with a substitute apartment to occupy until repairs were completed.

According to the victim, she suffered serious internal and external injuries that resulted in pain, mental anguish, medical expenses, and lost wages. Her husband claims that he has incurred great liability and indebtedness in an attempt to cure her injuries. He also claims loss of society, fellowship, companionship, cooperation, and aid in their conjugal relationship.


Landlord and property owners have certain degrees of liability in North Carolina, which varies in other states. Some property issues involve other matters aside from regular maintenance: Mold, presence of working smoke detectors, snow removal, and other issues could trigger injury, death, or property damage for the tenant. Tenants who have a rental agreement and those who do not have a written agreement in place might both benefit from some inherent protections under the law. Before any tenant moves forward with a lawsuit against a landlord or property owner, learn about the laws that uniquely affect your case by meeting with an injury attorney. Learn more about premises liability in North Carolina.

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