Windstar minivan owners are suing Ford Motor Company, saying that the rear axles of their vehicles have a design defect that can cause them to fail. Year models 1999 to 2003 of the Ford Windstar minivan have a design defect that traps water and other things inside the rear axle. Because of its unsealed hallow cylinder design, is rusting it from the inside out. Due to the water and debris, the axle can then split apart the axle during operation causing serious injuries or maybe even death.

The plaintiff, Aaron Martin, says that the axle of his 2001 Windstar minivan broke due to internal rust damage while he was driving. It is alleged that more than 949,000 Windstars were manufactured with a defective axle.

The Ford Windstar minivan rear axle rust class action lawsuit complaint reportedly alleges two counts against Ford Motor Company: a breach of implied warranty of merchantability and breach of express warranty.

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