According to a suit filed over the incident, as Jaime Tran, R.N. was attempting to help a patient walk from the hospital bed to the bathroom, she tripped over the IV pole and fell, landing on top of the patient and causing her to suffer a fractured ankle.

The patient filed suit in the Western District of Arkansas on May 8, claiming negligence on the part of the nurse for failing to use reasonable and proper care and failure to follow proper protocol.

The suit names St. Edward Mercy Health System Inc., St. Edwards Mercy Medical Center, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas South Central Community Inc., Jamie Tran, R.N., Annette Ramsey, R.N., unknown liability insurance carriers, and unknown individual healthcare providers as defendants.

According to Harl, the nurse failed to ensure that the IV pole and bedside table were clear of each other. She claims the nurse let go of her and she began to fall. The nurse then fell, landing on top of her.

The suit alleges negligence against the hospital for allowing the staffing level to decrease below the amount required for proper care and failure to provide a sufficiently trained staff.

The suit alleges negligence against all defendants for failure to make a proper assessment, evaluation and care plan, failure to provide adequate nursing service, failure to implement plans to prevent falls, allowing Harl to fall, and for Tran’s fall on top of Harl.

Harl claims the defendants deliberately entered false information into her medical records in order to avoid liability and seeks punitive damages. She also seeks damages for pain, suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, and mental pain and suffering.

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