A couple has filed a personal injury suit against Marriott International.


According to a suit filed on November 29 in West Virginia’s Kanawha Circuit Court, Christopher Kessler was a guest at a Marriott hotel in Charleston, West Virginia on January 30 and was unable to see a serving tray that had been placed against the wall because of mood lighting.


Kessler said the serving tray had slid down the wall onto the carpet and he stepped on it because he was unable to see it.


The suit claims the tray then “became a ski, causing plaintiff to slide and fall to the floor.”


Kessler said the alleged incident caused him to suffer injuries to his right elbow, lower back, and other body parts.


The suit alleges negligence on the part of Marriott for failure to remove the serving tray.


Kessler alleges that the defendant tendered a $3,500 “good will gesture,” in exchange for a full and complete release of any and all liability. But he said no offer was ever made to cover expenses or accept responsibility for the necessary care and treatment absent full and complete release. He said he respectfully declined the gesture.


Kessler and his wife, Sherri Kessler, seek compensatory damages.
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