According to a recent study conducted by Allstate Insurance Co., drivers in Cary are the best in the Triangle, making them the lowest risk of personal injury by automobile accident as well.

The insurance company ranked the 200 largest cities in the U.S. by population on the relative chances of being involved in a crash in comparison to the national average, the number of years between crashes for an average driver in 2005, and the number of years between crashes per average driver in 2009.

The study said that the likelihood of a crash in Cary was 5.6 percent below the national average and that the average driver has a period of 10.6 years between crashes. Those numbers put Cary at number 33 of the list of safest drivers in the U.S.

Also on that list, Durham was rated number 52 with a crash likelihood 1.4 percent lower than the national average and drivers with an average of 10.1 years between accidents. Raleigh is 31 spots below Durham on the list with a crash likelihood 7.1 percent above the national average. Drivers in Raleigh have an average of 9.3 years between crashes.

Winston-Salem was rated as the safest city in North Carolina and 25th on the national ranking. Charlotte was ranked 142nd on the national list and the worst city in North Carolina.

The safest city on the national ranking was Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Washington, D.C. was rated as the least safe in the U.S.

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