Student Safety: NC Schools With Crosswalks

Crosswalks and special speed zones around schools are there to protect children from car accidents. Sometimes accident prevention methods aren’t effective and more student safety measures need to be taken.

Charlotte Car Accident

A Charlotte car accident killed a high school student who was walking across the street from the school. Brittany Palmer, an eighteen-year-old student at Garinger High School, was the second student to get hit on the same street within the past two years. Palmer was walking in a group of other students when a Jeep hit her. The Jeep driver stopped and cooperated with authorities.

NC Students Hit By Cars

Two separate Charlotte accidents involving car wrecks with students happened on the same day in mid-March 2012. The other student, from West Charlotte, was hospitalized with severe injuries. Pedestrian safety is a growing trend. How can schools make it safe for children to walk to and from campus?

• More crosswalks.
• Increased enforcement of speed limits.
• Student awareness campaigns.
• Traffic crossing guards.
• Additional bus routes or shuttles to off-campus sites.

NC Car Accident Attorneys

If you or a student you know was injured while walking to or from school, contact a NC car accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. There may be a blurry line pointing toward the negligent party when a student is injured on or near school property. Our accident attorneys in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn work with innocent NC accident victims to review if a traffic crossing guard was present, if crosswalk signage was present, if the crosswalk was accessible, research history of drivers involved in the accident and analysis of school property lines. Sometimes a school’s landscaping choices create obstructions that prevent drivers from seeing students. Each of these factors will affect your NC injury claim. Call 800.849.5931 to schedule a free review of your NC injury case.
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