Student Back Injuries: Textbooks and Backpacks

Heavy backpacks are a hazard to the students wearing them and to other students nearby. Raleigh personal injury lawyers explain why students with heavy backpacks and too many textbooks are at risk for serious injuries:


Different backpack styles can affect how weight is distributed along the spine. Messenger-style backpacks, or across the shoulder designs, causes weight to be repeatedly stressed on the same areas. Backpacks that are worn on both shoulders can also harm students’ backs if they are overfilled with too many heavy textbooks and the student chooses to wear the pack on one shoulder. Heavy backpacks of all styles can cause the back to lean to one side, resulting in curvature of the spine. Heavy backpacks also push the wearer to have poor posture and lean forward, which can result in spinal compression. Muscle damage and shoulder and neck injuries usually occur.


How can you prevent your child from suffering back injuries when they have so many heavy textbooks to carry for school? Our Raleigh personal injury lawyers recommend helping your children establish a safe weight in their backpacks and carrying the rest of the books. If there are still too many books to carry, look into backpacks that have wheels and can be carted around, relieving back stress. You can also submit a petition to the school to start a fund for e-readers, or request teachers supply readings online instead of from text books. Contact Raleigh personal injury lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates if you’d like more information about school injuries and liability.

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