A stripper from Alabama has filed suit against the club that employs her, alleging that the club led to her receiving personal injuries in a wreck on the way home from work a year ago.

The suit was filed by Birmingham, Alabama resident Patsy Hamaker in the circuit court of Jefferson County. She says that a part of her job as a dancer at the club known as “The Furnace” was to encourage customers to purchase alcoholic beverages for her. She alleges in her suit that she was allowed by the management to leave work drunk on October 17, causing her to wreck her car and be seriously injured. 

According to the suit, the management was negligent in allowing a dangerous condition to exist due to allowing Hamaker to leave the premises in an intoxicated state while she was under the control and supervision of the club’s management.

Hamaker seeking compensation for the injuries she suffered in addition to punitive damages.

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