String of Hit-and-Run Accidents in NC Injures and Kills: Help Find the Drivers

NC hit-and-run attorneys represent accident victims to win them the most money possible. When a driver negligently hits an innocent person, whether in a pedestrian or bicycle accident, or in a vehicle accident, they should compensate the victim for their own wrongdoing.


Durham Hit-and-Run


For example, an innocent pedestrian, Israel Lopez, died in a Durham hit-and-run this summer. When the hit-and-run driver is found, Lopez’s family can family a claim against the driver’s insurance policy—or a lawsuit against the driver themselves if they have no insurance—to receive compensation for burial costs, lost wages, and emotional distress. Raleigh hit-and-run accident lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates represent cases like this where citizens need their rights protected after being injured.


Smithfield Hit-and-Run


Similarly, a Smithfield hit-and-run accident took the life of Jose Galindo during the same weekend. However, Galindo’s family may have a better chance at finding the hit-and-run driver than Lopez’s family in the Durham pedestrian accident since officials had more evidence to study at the scene of the accident. The Smithfield hit-and-run accident evidence shows that the driver owns a GMC Savannah or a Chevy Express van made between 1996-2002 that is missing a driver’s side mirror. Contact authorities if you believe you’ve spotted the driver and always write down a vehicle’s make, model and license plate should you witness an accident.

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