A 9-year-old Spring Lake boy is getting better after he was attacked by a pit pull.

Aaron Smith was attacked by the pit bull on May 26. According to his stepfather, Jody Pendleton, Aaron suddered from bone-deep wounds in his leg.

Aaron and a friend were talking with each other at the edge of the yard.  As he was walking back to his bike the dog lunged at him biting his left leg.

Aaron's stepfarher said children had been chased by the dog on previous occasions. The owner of the pit bull, Jim Fink said the dog was harmless.

Even though the injuries were not serious, the dog had bitten two other children in the past year.

Harnett County does not have a leash law. The owner kept the dog tied, but the dog breaks loose from time to time.

According to Rhonda Hudson, interim animal control directorthe county does not have the authority to immediately remove the dog from the premises.

After an attack, the owner is required tp pay a fine in the amount of $70.00 tp release the animal from quarantine. Then the owner would have to confine the animal at home.

The owner would be required to keep the animal in a secured environment.

Hudson says Fink  surrendered the dog, which means the dog will be euthanized.

Still, Pendleton says Harnett County needs a tougher law.

According to officials, concerned neighbors can petition animal control to remove a potentially dangerous animal. The agency reviews the request and decides whether the animal should be taken away.

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