Steps After a Family Member Dies at Work

A Southwest Airlines employee recently died on the job at the Dulles International Airport tarmac. The airline employee was driving a cart that carried baggage when it crashed into one of the Dulles people movers. The injuries from the luggage cart collision were treated at a local hospital, but the injured worker did not survive.

Injured Airline Employees

Airline employee injuries make headlines for various workplace incidents. Some involve faulty machinery, slip-and-falls, or employee fights like the Southwest Airlines’ employee brawl at LaGuardia Airport last year. The airline employees allegedly got into a physical altercation that involved a ramp worker bashing his boss over the head with a metal pipe, according to a New York Post article. What happens to the injured worker’s family members who rely on their income, care and companionship?

On-the-Job Death Benefits

Workers’ comp benefits are typically available to the spouse or dependents of an employee who dies in a workplace assault or accident. Death benefits offer surviving spouses and dependents the lost income, burial expenses and compensation for caregiving that the family may now require.

NC Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Workers’ comp and wrongful death attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville with Brent Adams & Associates personal injury law firm help families receive the maximum benefits available. Ask our NC injury attorneys about monthly survivor benefits. Our NC workers’ comp attorneys know the very complex laws in the workers’ comp system that will protect the rights of an injured worker’s surviving family. Contact a NC workers’ comp attorney at 800.849.5931 to learn the type and amount of compensation you’re entitled to.
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