Steering Wheels That Prevent Collisions

New car technologies will hopefully make it safer for drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Volvo released new pedestrian airbags and now a new system for automobiles has been designed to further reduce or prevent injuries from car accidents.
The Inumflis system detects objects that may be a collision threat and notifies the driver through pulsations in the car’s steering wheel. The steering wheel pulsation feature was added to grab the driver’s attention through an alternate sense; now in addition to seeing an object or person in their direction of travel, or hearing a warning from a passenger about a swerving vehicle, drivers can be alerted through steering wheel vibrations.

The extra sensory notification hopes to make drivers more aware of their surroundings. The pulsations are achieved through rapid inflation and deflation of air cushions in the steering wheel. The intensity of the pulsations is directly related to how fast or close the potential collision is in relation to the vehicle. The new collision detection system detects objects on all sides of the vehicle. This way drivers can be alerted of potential hazards before they become threatening.

North Carolina Car Accident Attorneys

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