Stedman, NC Wreck Injures Five

Wrong-way driving by a twenty-one-year-old driver caused a Stedman, NC car accident. The Cumberland County car accident injured five people and disrupted mid-afternoon traffic.

Cumberland County Car Accident

The Stedman car crash happened in early March 2012 when Rakeem Brown, the driver of a Ford pickup carrying two passengers, crossed the center line near the Stedman Fire Department and collided with a Nissan driven by forty-five-year-old Tammy Bordeaux and a teenage passenger. Head-on collisions are almost always fatal; the five fortunate survivors of this Cumberland County car accident didn’t even have to stay overnight in a hospital.

Driving Tips: Avoid Head-on Collisions
• Recognize potential hazards that could cause a head-on collision. These hazards could be if you see a driver behaving erratically or if oncoming traffic is facing a road obstruction.
• Move to the right. If the driver of the approaching car decides to correct the vehicle at the last minute, you don’t want to turn left and put yourself in their line of travel.
• Don’t speed. The best way to have the most effective control over your vehicle is to maintain safe speeds. If you see a car approaching, slow down. This will decrease the speed of impact on collision and could help reduce the severity of victims’ injuries.

Head-on Collision Injury Attorneys NC

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