State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. has filed suit against a man from Beaumont, Texas, claiming that one of the company’s insured clients sustained personal injuries in a collision caused by the defendant.

According to the suit filed in Jefferson County, Texas District Court on December 2, Derrell Stewart’s vehicle collided with the vehicle of Horace Boatner, damaging and injuring Boatner and other passengers in his vehicle. The suit says that Boatner was insured by State Farm.

State Farm claims that the injuries sustained by Boatner and his passengers caused them to suffer mental and physical pain and suffering, incur medical expenses, and become unable to work. The complaint says that their total damages amounted to $4,975.87, in addition to vehicular damages of $5,009.65. The company claims it paid Boatner $9,985.32.

The suit alleges negligence on the part of Stewart for failure to maintain a proper lookout.

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