Start a Car Accident Lawsuit in Raleigh

raleigh car accident lawyerCurious how to start filing a car accident lawsuit in Raleigh? Our injury lawyers represent innocent accident victims in every part of North Carolina, however, we have injury law offices in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn. If you're interested in filing an injury lawsuit in Wake County, we can explain the process and your legal rights in a free case evaluation that you can schedule here.

According to the Department of Transportation, more than 900 cyclists are injured or killed in North Carolina every year in vehicle collisions. From January to May of 2013, 19 vehicle-bike crashes were reported in Raleigh. Whether you were injured in a bicycle crash or a car accident, if another party is to blame for your injuries and property damage, our injury lawyers can help you with your claim.

We are including the basic first steps to filing an injury lawsuit in Raleigh below:

  • Do not accept a settlement from an insurance company. If you accept an offer from an insurance company to settle your case, you forfeit important rights. Also, the first offer an insurance company makes is usually far below what you really deserve; their goal is to save money for themselves---not your best interests.
  • Gather all medical bills and records. These will be crucial in determining the value of your case. How much have you spent on medical care? How much will future medical costs amount to? These are figures you need to address when building a strong injury case in Raleigh.
  • Collect photos of the accident scene if available. You and other accident victims may not have been capable of taking photos of the accident scene. If you were able to gather photos, make sure to create backup copies so that none are lost before your case begins negotiation. In the event your injury case goes to trial, photos may help win over a jury.
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