An Australian man was recently sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering two elderly nursing home residents with an insulin injector. According to CBSNews, he attempted to murder a third patient as well.

Garry Steven Davis is 29 years old. He was convicted in New South Wales for the murder of Gwen Fowler, 83, Ryan Kelly, 80, and the attempted murder of Audrey Manuel, 91. These murders took place in October of 2013 at SummitCare nursing home in Wallsend, England. 

According to Justice Robert Allen Hulme, Davis pleaded innocent, but hard evidence proved he was guilty. However, his reasoning is still a "mystery" Hulme states. Davis stated that the patients were "not problem residents."

Hulme claims Davis sent text messages to his work associates before Fowler and Kelly's death that proved he knew they were going to die. None of Davis' victims needed an insulin injection.

The police searched Davis' house and found syringes, needles, and readings about insulin overdose. 

Davis plans to appeal his case.

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