SSI for Children Who Don’t Meet SSA Listing

A Dunn Social Security attorney can explain SSI qualifications for children and what types of evidence will be necessary to prove disability. These benefits can help families who have limited income and resources significantly. 

According to the AARP, in the state of North Carolina, 8 percent of Social Security beneficiaries are children. Some of those are children who qualify to receive SSI. 

But meeting those requirements may not be easy as you think. For instance, your child’s mental or physical condition must meet Social Security Administration’s (SSA) listing of impairments. 

However, if your child’s condition isn’t found on the listing of impairments, there could be another way that your child may qualify for SSI. That is if the severity of the impairment of your child’s functionality is equal to another listing. 

In order to qualify, there must be one extreme limitation or severe limitations in two of the following six areas: 

  • interacting and relating to others (socially and practically);
  • attending to and completing tasks (focus and attention);
  • moving about and manipulating objects (dependent on age);
  • acquiring and using information (ability to learn);
  • health and physical wellbeing (effects of impairments and treatments); and
  • caring for self (mentally and physically). 

These areas are assessed according to: 

  • limitations and restrictions;
  • activities that can and can’t be done;
  • assistance that may be required; and
  • difficulties at home, in the community and school. 

To prove that your child has severe or extreme limitations, you will need to have ample evidence, like: 

  • medical records;
  • observations from others;
  • standardized test results;
  • reports; and
  • assessments

SSI qualifications for children not only pertain to a child’s disability, but also income and resources as well. These must be limited and not exceed a certain amount in order to qualify, which an attorney can help determine.  

Contacting a Dunn Social Security Attorney 

Speaking with a Social Security disability attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can help you learn if you qualify to receive Social Security disability benefits. Call to schedule your free consultation – 1-800-849-5931 or 1-910-892-8177.

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