SSDI Recipients Take Note: Child Support Affects Benefits

Owing child support is a concern for many parents who are disabled and either collecting or seeking to file for Social Security disability benefits. The type of benefits for which you qualify matters when it comes to whether or not your wages can be garnished and how your disability pay can affect your child. 

With regard to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits, these benefits can be garnished if you owe current or previous child support payments. However, your children may also qualify for SSDI benefits up to a certain age, which may reduce the amount of child support you owe. 

Calculating your Social Security disability benefit amounts can be a difficult process depending on your unique circumstances. The nature of your disability, work history, income, resources, and living conditions can all play a factor in determining how much you will receive per month in benefit pay. 

A Fayetteville Social Security disability attorney can be of great help when you want to help protect your right to the full benefits you are entitled. With so many disability claims waiting to be processed it’s not uncommon for claimants to wait months on a decision for their benefits, which is where an attorney can help speed up the process. 

When special circumstances such as child support may impact your Social Security disability benefits talk to an attorney before taking any action.  

Get Experienced Help with Your Social Security Disability Benefits Claim 

With so much information asked of you when filing for Social Security disability benefits it’s easy to see how many claims can be unfairly denied due to lack of evidence and support. Instead of trying to gather all the documentation and evidence of your work history and disabling conditions, let a Fayetteville Social Security disability attorney help you through the process. 

At Brent Adams & Associates our team of disability and personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and experience to help clients with many types of legal cases where injury or disability is an issue. From car accidents to veterans’ disability appeals, we help our clients seek the benefits and compensation they are entitled to when they become injured or disabled. 

With offices in Dunn, Raleigh and Fayetteville we are honored to serve the residents of North Carolina with their disability and injury legal needs. To schedule a FREE consultation, contact us at 910-892-8177 or toll-free at 800-849-5931.

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