SSDI Claims Denied in NC

disability denialA person may be able to file for Social Security disability payments if they are unable to work for at least twelve months. Extensive medical records must be provided as evidence. The paperwork and the close reviews mean the process for securing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments is complicated and long. The majority of SSDI claims are denied the first time they're made.

North Carolina Social Security Disability Attorneys

After an SSDI denial, a lengthy appeal process is available. Within 60 days an appeal can be made to request a reconsideration. Around this time it is a good idea to call an SSDI attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Social security disability lawyers at our Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville offices will file an appeal on your behalf and keep detailed records for the judge to review.

Need an Attorney After SSDI Denial

After the SSDI payment is denied and reconsideration is filed, you and a disability lawyer from Brent Adams & Associates will be present for the hearing with the judge. If the judge denies the disability payments, another appeal can be made, which requires more complicated paperwork. A Raleigh SSDI lawyer who knows the disability laws and system can help you build the strongest case possible for reconsideration.

North Carolina Social Security Disability Process

The entire time it takes from filing an SSDI claim to receiving payments can take six months or two years. During this time you may only be able to work a few hours per week and not make enough money to cover your living expenses or family costs. Medical bills may pile up during this time too. Trying to process an SSDI claim by yourself makes the process even longer. Contact an SSDI attorney at Brent Adams & Associates 800.849.5931 to learn more about your disability claim.

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