The Social Security Administration has made even more changes to its fast-track application process – a process reserved for applications with the most serious and time-sensitive disabilities.

Already the SSA has accelerated its most serious cases so that applicants can receive disability benefits in a matter of weeks, but now the government agency says that it will take just a few days to process their most urgent cases. The SSA is achieving these changes by taking away the requirement for a medical board to review the most obvious cases and freeing up medical staff time to handle the backlog of other SSDI application cases. Currently, the SSA is dealing with a significant backlog as well as an increase of applications caused by the recession and the aging Baby Boomer generation.

The SSA Commissioner said that he hopes that these new changes will make their system both more efficient and more compassionate. At the same time, he warned that the new changes would not make it any easier for applicants to commit fraud.
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