Social Security Disability Requirements: NC Attorney Explains Decompensation

You may have seen this term in the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) listing of impairments for mental disorders and wondered just how it fits in with fulfilling Social Security disability requirements. "An episode of decompensation" — what is it? A social security disability attorney in Raleigh NC at Brent Adams & Associates can explain that when someone suffers from a mental disability or disorder, this episode is a period of time in which symptoms worsen. To help get behavior and daily functioning back on track, increased treatment may be necessary, and in some cases, the removal of stressors.

Despite the long terminology, proving the frequency and duration of such an episode is a critical piece in fulfilling Social Security disability requirements for mental disorders. 

For instance, repeated episodes of decompensation are those that occur 3 or more times a year, and episodes of duration are those that last 2 or more weeks. The SSA must know if this is something you’ve experienced, and you can provide this information by including thorough documentation of your mental health history.

Maybe your medical records point to semi-regular periods in which your medication prescriptions increased, hospitalization was necessary or long-term care at a structured home was received.

If you’re a resident of North Carolina, working closely with a Raleigh Social Security disability attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can help make sure your application provides the level of detail and evidence the SSA needs.

Helping Raleigh Residents with Social Security Disability Requirements
Don’t let the complicated process of seeking Social Security disability keep you from getting the benefits to which you’re entitled. At the law offices of Brent Adams & Associates, our Raleigh Social Security disability attorney team will work with you to get the results you deserve. Contact us today at 1-910-892-8177 or 1-800-849-5931.
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