Social Security Benefits Rising in 2012

Social Security benefits are increasing the highest amount since 2009. Over 60 million U.S. citizens will begin receiving an additional 3.6% in their benefits in 2012.

The increase in Social Security benefits is due to inflation in the cost of living. A significant increase in energy costs made the Social Security Administration re-evaluate the benefits. The new benefit amounts will begin on December 30, 2011. Over 8 million beneficiaries will receive the larger Social Security benefits payout.

In 2012, the maximum monthly Social Security benefit a worker retiring at age 66 will be able to receive is $2,513. Anyone who elects early retirement at age 62 will lose $1 of benefits for every $2 they earn above a certain amount until they reach 66.

Aside from those who are at a retirement age, today's workers should be concerned that Social Security taxes withheld from paychecks could increase by over $2,300 annually.

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