Social Security Approval Harder Than Ever

SSDI claims are frequently denied because of poor medical documentation. NC disability attorneys help claimants gather and organize the medical records they need in order to prove their disability claim. In recent years, SSDI claimants have been under much more scrutiny. People committing disability fraud and taking advantage of the Social Security system have made more regulations necessary. Social Security Disability claims are more difficult to approve now for injured workers who have:

• A history of drug abuse
• A history of alcoholism
• Undocumented pain

Additionally, diabetes and obesity are not recognized as disabilities anymore. Illegal immigrants are not eligible for SSDI benefits either. The Social Security Administration defines disability by three rules: you cannot do the work that you did before, they decide you cannot adjust to another type of work due to medical conditions, and your disability has lasted or is expected to last one year or more (or results in death).

How can the Social Security Disability Insurance system be improved?

• The Social Security Administration could provide incentives for employers who hire disabled people who want to work.
• Creating more assistance programs for those claiming disability who want to work.
• Improving medical treatment information methods.

NC Disability Attorneys

SSDI lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates are ready to help if your disability claim has been recently denied. Our NC disability attorneys work with clients in completing appeal requests, appeal disability reports and scheduling hearings. Learn the types of benefits the Social Security Administration will cover for your claim.
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