Smart Ways to Use Your Smartphone After an Accident

smartphones and car accidentsThe most important thing immediately following a car accident, or any accident, is to seek medical attention. The information to follow is not here to suggest you should focus primarily on gathering accident evidence while you are hurt at the scene of the accident. Rather, the guidelines below will help you build a strong personal injury case if you, or someone with you on your behalf, takes advantage of the many technological tools in your average smartphone:

  • Phone and web. Call for help simply by dialing 9-1-1, or if you and other accident victims are well enough, use your map feature to search for a nearby Urgent Care facility. Make sure the medical professional thoroughly examines you and documents in your medical report that your injuries were caused in a car accident.
  • Contacts. Something to add to your phone, and to your loved ones' phones, is ICE. Add a contact to your phone called ICE, which stands for In Case of Emergency. If you are ever involved in an accident, police officers will look for your ICE contact and phone them.
  • Camera. Smartphones made today have high quality cameras. You can take photographs of the accident to show how the collision took place, if negligently maintained landscaping blocked the line of sight, the state of your injuries and other injured persons at the scene of the accident, and more. This information will be extremely helpful because it will show the exact conditions of the accident: The weather, lighting at that time of day, if traffic was congested, debris in the road, and more. Accident reconstructionists can use images of the damage to vehicles to determine if drivers were carelessly speeding. Take photographs of the vehicles, license plates, insurance cards, and drivers licenses of those involved in the accident. You won't need pen and paper and all the information can easily be emailed to yourself and your Raleigh car accident lawyer. If you were involved in a hit-and-run, the accident may have happened quickly and you may not have the opportunity to take a photograph of the vehicle, but this could help law enforcement officers identify the negligent driver. 
  • Audio and video. You may be involved in an accident where the witnesses are not able to stay and give their statement directly to an officer. Ask for their permission to record an audio file or a video of their statement and ask them to include their contact information there. They can contact authorities independently to coordinate a statement for the accident report.
  • Notepad or custom note-taking apps. Apple and Android smartphones both come equipped with note-taking apps and custom apps offering similar services can be downloaded. Some apps, like Moleskine, Penultimate, and others, allow you to add images to your notes. You can use these apps to journal your post-accident health conditions. Take photos of your injuries weekly to show improvement or challenges healing. If you experience severe pain, journal about it. If you miss work, family events, or are unable to participate in normal activities, keep notes. When fighting for the compensation you deserve, this will help your Raleigh car accident lawyer show a detailed history of how your injury has affected your life.
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