Small Plane Collides With Tourist Helicopter Over Hudson River

Some fatalities from personal injuries were believed to have taken place when a small plane carrying three people was involved in a collision with a tour helicopter carrying approximately a half-dozen people on August 8, sending debris into the Hudson River and onto the Hoboken, New Jersey waterfront, according to New York City fire department officials.

The crash occurred shortly after noon between Manhattan and Hoboken. According to the Coast Guard, one person had been rescued.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane, a Piper PA-32, took off from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey and the helicopter was a Eurocopter AS 350 owned by Liberty Tours, a sightseeing and charter company.

FAA spokesman Jim Peters said that the plane was en route to Ocean City, New Jersey with three occupants. The helicopter had just lifted off from a heliport on the west side of Manhattan and was believed to have had five passengers and one crew member on board.

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