A slip and fall injury can be one of the most tricky personal injury cases. As is provided by the premises liability law, placing any fault on the owner of the premises were an accident took place will often be difficult.

For this reason, if you are the victim of a slip and fall on the property of another party and sustained injuries, consulting an attorney on the potential case or charges you might file against the owner is the best option.

The main question involved in a slip and fall case is who was at fault. Was the accident your fault of the owner’s? There is also the possibility that it is purely accidental and no one is liable. There is no fixed rule for determining the party at fault. The facts of each case are what decide fault.

The premise owner is not always at fault for a slip and fall injury on his or her property. It would have to ultimately be proved by the aggrieved party that the owner was aware of the property’s unsafe condition and took no action to correct it, therefore making him or her liable for negligence.

There is also the issue of fault attributable to the victim, whether or not it was because of his or her own doing. For example, a person who is injured bungee jumping from the roof of a building without the owner’s permission would not be able to file suit for premises liability.

For this reason, a competent attorney should evaluated every case of a slip and fall personal injury.

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