Six -Vehicle Crash On I-95 Injures Four

On April 18, a six-vehicle crash on Interstate 95 near Wage caused four people to sustain personal injuries.

According to North Carolina Highway Patrol Trooper X.S. McPherson, at around 3 p.m., a northbound silver van came to an abrupt stop after the driver saw traffic slowing in front of him. Four vehicles behind the van were able to stop in time, but a fifth, a black BMW, was unable to and rear-ended the red Dodge Charger in front of him, initiating a chain of impacts.

The occupants of only one vehicle required medical treatment.

Ozone Park, New York residents Erica and Shaikh Fiyazuddeen and their two young sons, the occupants of the Charger, received transport to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. The parents were listed in stable condition as of that night, but no information was released regarding their children.

The BMW’s driver, George William Kane IV, who is a Georgia resident, but has a Raleigh address, was cited for failure to reduce speed, according to McPherson.

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