Sinkhole Coverage in North Carolina

north carolina sinkhole damageA recent sinkhole in Fayetteville, North Carolina has many families concerned about insurance coverage and sinkhole damage. With the start of hurricane season, many homeowners are double-checking their insurance policies and making sure they have adequate coverage. However, the many thunderstorms hitting the state in the summer have caused flooding, which has aggravated unstable areas and created sinkholes that put individuals and properties at risk.

The North Carolina sinkhole that developed in Fayetteville's Cottonade community created a hazard to the public. The hole developed in the street, which means the city is responsible for repairing the road and ensuring its safety.

If your home has been damaged and your homeowners insurance company is not providing the coverage as outlined in your policy, our insurance dispute lawyers in Raleigh can consult with you to determine if you have a valid bad faith insurance claim. 

Sinkholes in North Carolina are not a new natural risk. Our attorneys prepared a North Carolina sinkhole post that includes a map of the areas throughout the state that are prone to these dangerous and typically unpredictable dangers. In some cases human actions, like construction projects, may trigger the onset of sinkholes. In these instances an investigation in liability needs to be conducted - was it the contractor's fault, a safety inspector's, or did the insurance company act in a manner of negligence? Whenever you are hurt or your property is damaged by no fault of your own, our attorneys can help you explore every possible avenue of compensation.

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