Singer-songwriter Vanessa Carlton, best known for a pair of singles, “A Thousand Miles” and “No Ordinary Day,” she released in 2002, recently lost a personal injury case over a dog bite. In May, the 29-year-old singer claimed she was out running in Pennsylvania when she was bitten by a 9-month-old pit bull named Bella. However, the court determined that Bella was not the dog that bit her.


The claim made by Carlton, who appeared for six hours of the trial, failed to match the evidence. According to a report from, the dog’s owners utilized several forensic experts, including dog behavior specialists and canine dentists, in order to prove that Bella was not the dog responsible.


A mold of Bella’s teeth failed to match up with the bite marks on Carlton’s body. Had the evidence met Carlton’s claim, the dog would have been euthanized. However, the judge ruled in the dog’s favor and returned it to the owners.

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