Signs of Rabid Dog Attack

Rabid animals are stereotypically identified by a “foaming of the mouth,” however there are other signs of a rabid dog that you can look for and they come in three stages.

The first stage of rabies is called prodromal. This stage can be as long as six months and symptoms may be hard to detect, but may include: fever, bark change, appetite and energy loss and chewing at the bite site. The second stage of rabies is called the furious stage, also known as excitative. This stage lasts for a few days and is the dangerous time. Dogs become exceptionally aggressive and uncontrollable, their pupils will dilate, and they will become disoriented and may have seizures. This is when the virus has the highest possibility of being transmitted through dog attacks. The final stage is called paralytic and lasts for a few days. Dogs will exhibit choking and dropping of the lower jaw, inability to swallow food, and the most commonly associated symptom of rabies: Foaming at the mouth. After the paralytic stage the dog will go into a coma and pass away.

Rabies is a virus that causes fatal inflammation of the brain. Mammals are the only carriers of rabies and it can only be spread by an infected animal biting a non-infected animal. Outside the US, dogs are one of the most common carriers of rabies.

Rabies May Have Caused NC Dog Attack

A Cumberland County dog owner shot their own pet after the dog attacked their family. The owner believed his cocker spaniel had rabies, but lab reports have yet to confirm the NC rabies case.

NC Dog Bite Attorneys

A dog attack causes physical, emotional and financial trauma. Wounds cause scars. Long-term effects of injuries could prevent the NC dog bite victim from working or enjoying their life. These fees as well as medical treatment costs and time away from work can be covered by the dog owner. NC dog bite attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates fight for the compensation dog attack victims deserve. Contact one of our NC dog bite lawyers at 800.849.5931 to schedule a free consultation of your injury claim in our Raleigh, Fayetteville or Dunn offices.
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