The mother of a teenager from Plainville, Massachusetts has filed suit against two adults and five young people for the fatal personal injuries her 17-year-old daughter suffered after they provided her with alcohol.


Taylor Meyer was a senior at King Philip Regional High School when she drowned in a local swamp. It was later determined that on the night of October 17, 2008, she had attended at least three parties, resulting in her becoming severely intoxicated.


In the wake of the incident, 21-year-old Sean Flynn was charged with providing alcohol to a minor. He has been named as a defendant in the suit.


Also among the defendants are 20-year-old Brian Zuzick and his sister, Paige Zuzick. He was charged with providing alcohol to both Meyer and his younger sister on the night of the accident.


The other defendants are Matthew Dusseault, Christopher Moran, and mother and daughter Rachel and Dianne Stark.


No charges were filed against Dusseault in connection with Meyer’s death; however, he allegedly provided a 30-pack of beer to an underage drinking party at Norfolk airport. Moran also allegedly brought alcohol from his home to the party. Both are underage.


In the weeks that came after Meyer’s death, several more underage drinking parties in the area were discovered and broken up. In all, nearly 20 teenagers were cited and taken to court within a few weeks. According to Meyer’s mother, this was all the evidence necessary for the issue to be taken more seriously, which is the main purpose of the wrongful death suit she filed.


The plaintiffs say the suit is mainly about liability and not compensation. Since her daughter’s death, Meyer’s mother has been an outspoken critic of the troubles of underage drinking. She believes the case could bring awareness to the issue and hold teenagers accountable for their friends and colleagues’ safety. However, the suit does not prevent the jury from issuing reparations for damages.

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