Settlements in NC Truck Accident Cases

Recently a tractor-trailer driver, Gary Davis, hit and killed a man in North Carolina. In what is being recorded as a hit-and-run, police report the truck driver had no knowledge of hitting a pedestrian. Davis was sleeping in the cab of his truck when police arrived and didn't know there was a dead body just a few feet away from his parked tractor-trailer. With 32 years of truck driving experience, this was the first time Davis ever hit someone. An investigation will continue to determine a level of fault.

In another part of North Carolina just a few weeks ago, another tractor-trailer tried to cross railroad tracks when the lights were flashing. The truck driver, Michael Blakley, was dragged over 200 feet after a train collided with his 18-wheeler. In this situation, Blakely was cited for crossing the tracks while lights were flashing.

Major Injuries From Truck Accidents

In other truck accident cases across NC there is a negligent person at fault. Truck accident attorneys in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates have a proven history representing clients who have been injured in truck accidents. Commercial motor vehicle wrecks involve another level of complicated laws that are better used to a victim's advantage when they have an experienced accident attorney from Brent Adams & Associates representing them. Truck accident victims suffer accidents that have a greater potential of being more damaging and catastrophic. With commercial trucks weighing tens of thousands of pounds, even moving at low speeds will cause serious damage. Victims of truck accidents in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill may suffer severe hip injuries, arm or leg amputation, permanent nerve damage or more. What kind of a price tag do truck accident settlements come with? Every case is different, but settlements range from a couple hundred thousand dollars to millions.

Truck Accident Attorneys Raleigh

What affects the truck accident settlement figure? The first step is having an experienced lawyer who knows the law and knows how to take advantage of opportunities that their clients may not be aware of on their own. Other factors that affect settlements are the severity of the injuries, which person is at fault and at how much fault, the cost of medical treatment, the cost of long-term care and more. With a truck accident attorney at Brent Adams & Associates, injured clients rest assured that they have a knowledgeable lawyer fighting for their compensation.

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