Settlement Reached In Suit Over Charlotte Taser Death

A settlement has been reached out of court in a wrongful death suit in which the family of a 17-year-old grocery store employee who died of the personal injuries he suffered when he was shocked by a Taser filed against the city of Charlotte.

The attorney for the family of Darryl Turner announced the settlement on August 4.

Turner had been an employee at the store, but had refused to leave after the manager asked him to. According to police, Officer Jerry Dawson fired his Taser twice, once for a period of 37 seconds.

After it was determined by a review board that Dawson’s use of the Taser was justified, but his prolonged use of the Taser was not, he was placed on suspension.

The plaintiffs’ attorney would not disclose the settlement amount. The city confirmed that an agreement had been reached and has denied any wrongdoing.

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