Serious Labor Violations in North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Labor has an extensive Compliance Bureau that administers over five thousand inspections annually. Even with rigorous standards and procedures, employers are still negligent about maintaining safe workplaces. Serious labor violations in North Carolina result in over 400 falls each year, and across the country over 4 million people are hurt at work.


What are the four most common types of hazards on-the-job in NC?


  • Falls
  • inadequate eye and face protection
  • insufficient safety inspections
  • poorly maintained ladders

General Industry

  • Insufficient machine guards
  • faulty electrical circuits
  • inadequate first aid
  • inadequate eye and face protection


If you suspect your employer is violating North Carolina labor laws, you can file a complaint here. If you’ve suffered injuries on-the-job and are having a difficult time receiving NC workers’ comp benefits, you need a NC workers’ comp attorney to help expedite your claim. You should have already reported your injury to your employer and received medical attention. Make sure your doctor has noted in your records that your injury took place at work. You will need to follow medical treatment prescribed to you to get your health back so that you can resume your employment.

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