Senior Financial Abuse: 3 Tips From Raleigh Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Senior citizens in NC assisted living centers, nursing homes, and the elderly who live independently in their own homes are at risk of financial abuse. Rates of senior citizens who get taken advantage of financially are going up. In 2010 alone, more than $2.9 billion was scammed from senior citizens, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Financial abuse is the unauthorized use of a senior’s funds or properties. The elderly are more prone to be victims of financial abuse because they are often isolated, dependent, or have cognitive impairments that affect their decision-making skills. Financially exploited older Americans have a special Bill of Rights that protects them in situations like this. In addition to these rights, seniors and their responsible family members have the right to retain a Raleigh nursing home abuse lawyer if they suspect a case of financial abuse. Here are a few tips from Brent Adams & Associates’ Raleigh nursing home abuse lawyers:


  • Avoid financial deals from anyone who uses the phrases “cash only” or a “secret plan.” Con artists will make it sound like they’re giving you the best deal and if more people know about it they won’t be able to offer you the attractive terms, however the real reason they don’t want you to tell anyone is because someone else will probably see it’s a scam and notify the authorities.
  • Don’t agree to monetary transactions over the phone, and keep your elderly relative’s checks and credit cards in a safe place if they are not able to care for themselves. Many phone scams will sound completely legitimate, but if someone calls claiming to be from your bank and is “verifying your information” – tell them you’ll call back later and phone the number on the back of your credit card to establish a valid connection with the financial institution.
  • Research nursing homes with the state department and on the Internet. A recent Louisburg nursing home incident has drained money from at least twelve innocent seniors, costing them thousands of dollars. You can also take an extra step and research individual staff members.
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