Senior Citizen Brain Injuries Caused by Falls Go Up

raleigh nursing home abuse lawyerTraumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) are the number one injury suffered by seniors who are involved in slip-and-fall accidents. Now, a new report released in 2013 shows that there has been a rise in the number of TBI cases involving seniors who fall down. The study reflected over 40 years of data and seniors over the age of 80.

Falls among seniors typically result in expensive medical treatment costs. Our Raleigh nursing home abuse lawyers have seen cases where negligent nursing home staff in North Carolina failed to keep clean environments, and elderly residents slipped and fell as a result. When a senior citizen is injured in a fall they may need hospital care. Bone density drops as we get older and the effects of osteoporosis make bones brittle. Hip replacement surgeries may be required, or cranial fracturers could cause dangerous levels of pressure on the brain.

If a nursing home resident slipped and fell due to the negligence of nursing home staff, the staff may try to cover up their error. Also, dementia and Alzheimer's may prevent a senior from remembering their fall, regardless if it occurred as a result of nursing home neglect or their own doing. Sadly, one of the symptoms of a brain injury is memory loss, and if a senior citizen can't remember their fall it will be nearly impossible for them to receive the medical treatment they need. Keep in mind, the staff at the nursing home where your elderly loved one resides should be monitoring their health and should notice the signs of a brain injury. 

In order to help family members recognize the signs of a traumatic brain injury, our Raleigh nursing home abuse lawyers created a list of the common symptoms associated with TBIs. Since it is common for aging Americans to experience some degree of memory loss, here are the other signs of a brain injury to look for:

  • Change in sleep pattern. (Some individuals have trouble sleeping while others suddenly have no energy and sleep excessively.)
  • Convulsions/seizures
  • Vomiting/nausea
  • Dilated pupils
  • Slurred speech
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