Senior Abuse in North Carolina Results in Jail Time

A 2010 Kenly, NC death of senior citizen, James Cooper, is finally being put to rest over two years after his body was found in his home. Cooper had been robbed and beaten by his caregiver, Crystal Worley, who has elected an Alford plea to charges of voluntary manslaughter.


What is an Alford Plea? An Alford plea is when a defendant maintains their innocence and doesn’t admit to the act being charged against them, but they understand there is sufficient evidence to convict them of the charges.


Worley was a former housekeeper for Cooper and had also done yard work for him. Cooper had been the victim of several break-ins prior to the one that resulted in his death, which autopsy reports confirmed was due to blunt force trauma to the head.


Senior abuse and neglect in Raleigh comes in many forms. From prescription errors and bed sores in NC nursing home abuse cases, to robbery and financial abuse like in the death of Cooper above. Not only did Worley allegedly injure Cooper so severely he died, but she took over five hundred dollars cash and jewelry from his home. By electing to use the Alford plea, Wooley was able to avoid a life sentence and instead received a sentence for 6-8 years in prison.

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