A senior scientist with Wyeth Pharmaceuticals was found guilty of falsifying data which was related to Hormone Therapy, the U.S. Government’s Federal Register reports. This was particular Wyeth’s research on estrogen receptors, which is also a critical area of study for Wyeth’s women’s heath initiative. This will have a lawsuit filed on behalf of women who took Wyeth’s Prempro and ended up with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.


There are over 10,000 cases pending around the country by women who took Prempro and who developed estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.


Juries have found in favor of the Plaintiffs in 11 of the 14 hormone therapy trials, with plaintiff’s compensatory verdict averaging around $5 million dollars. This is not a shock given the seriousness of these injuries. Each time a jury has been allowed to award punitive damages, they have done so and averages approximately $30 million per case. This too is not a surprise given the evidence showing Wyeth’s indifference to the safety and welfare of women.

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