A lunch aide at Sewell Anderson School in Lynn, Massachusetts was rewarded for an attempted good deed with personal injuries from a deep dog bite on her right hand.

According to Animal Control officer Kevin Farnsworth, the lunch aide, Laurie George, saw a loose Black German Shepherd running down the street around 11 a.m. and was able to catch it so she could return it to its owner.

But after George was able to get the dog into her car, the dog bit her hand as she was taking it out of the car. The wound began bleeding profusely.

Farnsworth said that George, who is also a crossing guard, knew the dog from the neighborhood and would occasionally feed it cookies. However, he said the dog “left her with a decent bite on her hand” and noted that he was “sure she’ll be thinking twice before feeding it again.”

According to Farnsworth, the dog’s owner, whose identity was not released, would receive a fine of at least $50 for failure to keep the dog on a leash and the bite. He will receive an additional $25 fine if the dog isn’t licensed.

This was not George’s first encounter with a dog. Last September, she and her Black Labrador-Blood Hound mix were attacked by a pair of pit bulls. Her dog suffered a deep bite wound that resulted in six stitches.

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