Boston man, the cook for D&D Restaurant, contracted leptospirosis, which is a rare disease caused by rodents. Five investigations have found that the cook most likely obtained the disease while on the job.

After this finding, Boston's Inspectional Services Department shut down the Jamaica Plain restaurant for one week.


Leptospirosis can lead to liver or kidney failure, and it is most commonly contracted through the urine of an animal carrying the disease. WCVB reports that last year a man in New York died from leptospirosis.

D&D Restaurant failed its inspection and violated 16 health codes. Five investigations also found the restaurant showed evidence of rodents in the basement. 

Boston's Inspectional Services Department concluded the basement, where the restaurant's walk-in freezer and storage space is, is most likely where the cook was exposed to leptospirosis.

Arlin Guerrero, D&D's owner, denied that his employee obtained the disease from the restaurant's basement.

"I had six years with this business, and I never had any problems."

The 16 health violations D&D Restaurant incurred have been fixed, and Guerrero's employee is recovering at home. No other employees or customers have contracted any illnesses.

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