Rocky Mount Truck Accident Takes a Twist

Many truck accidents involve negligent drivers who are sleep-deprived, speeding, or whose vehicles are not properly maintained. Trucks are much larger than standard vehicles, and even when they’re traveling at the same speeds as a car they can cause much more severe damage and injuries.


Rocky Mount Truck Accident: Young Student Dies


A Rocky Mount truck accident killed a young girl while she was waiting for her school bus. Eddie Suggs, the truck driver, was traveling below the speed limit when seven-year-old Janell Simmons went across the street in front of him. In other truck accident cases, drivers have been negligently speeding or violating other traffic laws, however Suggs was following all appropriate laws and operating his vehicle responsibly. Simmons, whose siblings were also waiting at the bus stop with her, entered the street at the wrong time—which is truly an act that is no result of the truck driver’s actions.


NC Wrongful Death Claim


If the situation had been different and the young girl was crossing the street for a stopped school bus and Suggs had carelessly sped past without stopping, the girl’s family would have a valid NC wrongful death claim to receive compensation for her burial costs as well as their pain and suffering.


Bus Stop Accident


In reality, the truck driver was not negligent. According to local news reports, the girl’s family is now painfully mourning her loss and expresses sympathy to the truck driver for the sadness he feels for being involved in the bus stop accident.

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