Risk of Stroke May be Higher for TBI Victims

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims have many challenges. After an accident, the lifestyles of TBI victims require adjustments. Some TBI victims experience impairment in their mobility. They may not only have to seek compensation to modify their homes and vehicles, but the party that caused the accident may be required to provide an award for lost wages. Our Raleigh injury lawyers read a new study that shows that TBI victims have another concern:

TBI victims may face a 30% higher risk of stroke.

The new research was provided by the University of Michigan, which has tentative plans to study and discover the specific changes that a TBI causes that contribute to a stroke. Combined with other research that shows TBI victims are ten times more likely to suffer a stroke within 90 days of the inciting accident, anyone who suffers a TBI needs to work closely with medical providers and strictly follow doctor-ordered activity and diet guidelines.

When our Raleigh injury lawyers represent TBI victims, they may have been injured in a vehicle accident, a slip-and-fall, as part of a medical malpractice incident, or any number of accidents. For most accident victims, many of our clients are still treating, which means they are receiving medical care and recovering from their injuries at the time they have retained our North Carolina personal injury law counsel. Car accident injury claims are not usually filed until victims have recovered, but for TBI victims, they may have a future of life-long care and treatment. In these instances a physician will report if the victim has reached their Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) and then we prepare to submit a claim.

Fortunately, there are many new advances in neorological healthcare. Learn about these three new treatments for brain injury victims.

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