According to Rex Healthcare, 22 people were treated at the Raleigh hospital on January 30 with personal injuries related to the winter storm. Of those 22 injuries, 12 were related to sledding accidents, according to Rex spokeswoman Melody Hunter-Pillion.


Among those injured was 11-year-old Katherine Fritsch, who routinely sings the national anthem prior to Carolina Hurricanes games. Her father, Tom Fritsch, said she was injured while sledding with her cousin. He said he believes snow got in her eyes and they veered because of a car coming and collided with a fire hydrant.


Fritsch suffered a bad bump to the head, which made her feel woozy, so she was taken to Rex to be examined.


Tom Fritsch was at the top of the hill supervising, but no one was at the bottom, where the accident occurred. He said that should be a warning to parents to make sure an adult is watching from both the top and bottom of a hill.


Fritsch is expected to be fine, but missed singing prior to the Hurricanes’ game against the Chicago Blackhawks, which the Canes won 4-2, on January 30.

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