No matter how long you've been a licensed driver, driving near a semi-truck can still be nerve-wracking. Nationwide estimates 250,000 accidents happen between cars and 18-wheelers per year, which contributes to over 70% of automobile collisions.

So, it's important to remember these tips when driving near a semi-truck to ensure your safety:

  1. Their blind spot is bigger than yours. Keep the cab of the truck in your rear-view mirror before pulling out in front of one and pass on the left to maximize the visibility.
  2. They need more space to maneuver, so do not follow closely behind them.
  3. Do not pass a truck that appears to be backing up because you will enter their blind spot.
  4. Do not cut to the right of trucks that are turning because they cannot see cars directly behind or beside them.
  5. Turn off your bright headlights when driving near a truck. A truck's mirrors reflect the bright lights and could give the driver temporary blindness.

Be courteous to semi-trucks, and stay safe.

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